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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Boycott of Elsevier

Missive from the Editor-in-Chief:

There has been much discussion and support for the unfolding boycott of Elsevier journals ignited by mathematician Tim Gowers in this blog post and discussed in this Chronicle article.  Over 2000 academics have signd the pledge here to not to publish in, or otherwise support, Elsevier journals.

I, however, must throw my support on the side of Elsevier.

Indeed, I vow to never publish in the Journal of Universal Rejection any work by signatories of said pledge!  So think twice before signing. 

Here are some reasons:

* Many people claim Elsevier bundles unneeded journals in order to charge outrageous prices for necessary journals.  This is not the case.  Indeed it's a bit early to mention this, but we may be deep in negotiations to add the Journal of Universal Rejection to every bundle offered by Elsevier.  That would be neato.

* Some claim Elsevier's prices are too high.  Well, as an Elsevier spokesperson said, they did raise prices too much in the '80s.  But she sounded really regretful.  So I'm going to assume the prices'll come down.  More importantly, if you calculated the price per article accessed, Elsevier's ratio comes out much(!) lower than JofUR's!  What, are people going to boycott us next?  Where does it end?

* A few claim "open access" journals are the way to go.  Well, nope. Where would we be if JofUR were open access?  No one at all would subscribe!

* True, Elsevier supports SOPA/PIPA.  Well, this is a bit harder, given that JofUR came out against SOPA.  But we didn't menion that we do support PIPA.  It's a very nuanced position.

* Finally, as one about to enter the job market, I don't want to anger any potential employer.   As they say, don't hand feed bits of oat to a horse that won't drink the water that you've led it to, though it can only cross once, never being the same river twice bitten once shy.

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