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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Palindrome Em Or Dni Lap

Dear James,

Thank you for submitting your article "Can an Algorithm for Palindrome Reversal be Written in O(log n) Time?" to the Journal of Universal Rejection.

I attempted to do a preliminary review of your article yesterday.  But when you defined a 'palindrome,' you cited Wikipedia.  I could not check on that, since it was SOPA Blackout Wednesday.  So I just gave up.

Today, however, I drank a Redbull, and came at the problem of looking at your paper with renewed energy.  All was going well for your paper until I got to your algorithm for palindrome reversal.  Although I believe your abstract that polynomials can "Probably" be reversed in O(log n) time, I regret to inform you that the algorithm you provided:
  For(i=0; i < n; i++)
       do nothing;
runs in O(n) time! 

I propose that you used a probablistic algorithm which randomly picks letter positions between 1 and floor(n/2), then switches the letter in that position with its conterpart iff the neighboring letters satisfy the Birch-Swingertown-Dying condition.

If you attempt this, we will take another look at your paper.

For now, it is rejected.

Best regards,

p.s.  We'll review your other submission sometime.  Yeah.

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