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Monday, December 19, 2011

To Rebooted Switches in a Wiring Closet

Dear Editorial Board and the Editor in Chief:

Please consider the following Haiku verse for rejection in the Journal of Universal Rejection. This is my first, and in its relatively unpracticed state is well themed for the Journal. Its otherwise incomprehensible, relatively context-free techny nature should expedite the process of rejection. Please note the level of emotional connotation swinging from a frustrated patience to an optimistic outlook. "There is no emotion, there is peace. ..." [1]

  To Rebooted Switches in A Wiring Closet
  Another 2nd Thursday
  Another Power Failure
  Lucky Us, as Today
  It's Only in the Basement

[1] Jedi Code

Feel free to blog it on.

Thank you,

Serguei A. Mokhov, Haiku Password Artist  

Dear Serguei,

Having never seen
7 7 6 7
Haiku, I reject.

I liked it though,

Caleb Emmons, PhD
Journal of Universal Rejection

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