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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Dear Josh,

Thank you for submitting your advertisement copy for your 2012 Wildlandphotos.com calendar to appear in the Journal of Universal Rejection. Sadly I must inform you that, though we are keeping the fee, we are rejecting your advertisement for publication. It has nothing to do with the ad, it's just that we refuse to publish anything in the Journal.

Besides, what would people say when they noticed (as surely they would) that the first submission published in JofUR was from the Editor-in-Chief's brother. That would be a scandal and a half. It would be all over Twitter. We don't wish to investigate the shredability of our credibility with such nepotism. Editors-in-Chief have been overthrown for less. (Not that our Board has any power...)

At least there's always the blog where I can do some shameless promotion of your photography, including the beautiful 2012 wall calendar now available.

Good luck with your sales. And you're lucky I'm choosing to forgot about the whole "Vacuum Cleaner Shark Incident!"

Best regards,

Your brother
Journal of Universal Rejection

1 comment:

  1. Dear Caleb,

    While I can understand your desire to uphold the high standards of your publication, I posit that it might be in both of our best interest (and make a small but measurable move toward your goal of becoming Editor-in-Yacht) if this story were indeed, "all over Twitter."

    In that light, I urge you to reconsider publication of my advertisement in your august Journal (or indeed in the August Journal, if I must wait that long) as an exercise in both marketing and meta-marketing.

    With apologies for the "Vacuum Cleaner Shark Incident," your brother,

    Photographer-in-Chief <-- (I can be -in-Chief too)