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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday/Metallic Saturday/Robot Sunday/Cyber Monday

Dear readership:

We have an exciting announcement!  But try to breathe normally.
In honor of Black Friday/Metallic Saturday/Robot Sunday/Cyber Monday, we are having a sale at the JofUR Store.  Items have been marked down by 10-20%.  This is in addition to further discounts by Cafe Press (as marked in the store).  Woo hoo!  Breathe normally.

Now is the time to order those all-important gifts. 

Who can remain depressed while sipping from a hardy ceramic Journal of Universal Rejection mug?  Or sporting a sporty T-shirt?  Our mousepads pad your mouse beautifully. 

We also have clocks.  My son likes cuckoo clocks, but we don't have those.  Instead we have ones that remind you "Reprobatio Certa, Hora Incerta:"  Rejection is certain, the hour uncertain.  That's not to say the clocks don't work... they do.  Here is a picture of a cuckoo clock:

photo by Sandra Marek
Remember we don't sell those.  I only put the picture here in case my son wants to read this post.

Breathe normally,

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