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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The ICψ

Dear Readership,

We like to keep you informed of important upcoming conferences and congri (which is the plural of congress, for those not in the know).  In that vein, we are reposting a letter from Dr. Kirby (a possible U.S. goverment operative) after the break regarding a very important upcoming congress, the ICψ.  We were so impressed with his eloquent writing skills that we decided to purloin the phrases 'in the know' and 'in that vein' for use in this introductory paragraph. 

Dear Dr. Emmons:

I realize that you are firmly in the mold of rejecting with virtuosic bravado any and all papers submitted to the Journal of Universal Rejection. In that vein, I have been composing and then self-rejecting several potential contributions to JofUR just to make sure I am in the right frame of mind to communicate with you. Now that I have reached that Zen-like state, I have something for you that may fit well in your blog.  I am calling a meeting and wish those in the know (whom we presume to all be devoted readers of JofUR) to be informed. Thus the following:

There will be a meeting of the
International Congress for
Paranormal Study and Investigation.
You know where; you know when.
Thank you.

I think that will about do it.

Ronald E. Kirby, Ph.D.

Post scriptum from the Editor-in-Chief:  I definitely plan on attending the ICψ.  Maybe JofUR will have a booth.

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