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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The "Good Catch!" Awards

Note from the Editor-in-Chief: Our dear esteemed editor Sonia Lyris sent me the following epistle to post on the blog:

Dear Dr. Emmons,

Do please let our faithful readers know that we have now awarded our first three "good catch!" awards to those keen and faithful readers who caught our deliberate error in my posted rejection to Mr. T     's story. The erudite John Lee was kind enough to send us a useful link for understanding the origins of the phrase. Correctly used, it should of course be "to pore over", as to "examine closely" not "to pour over" as in to "splash my attention upon, as with a pint of wretchedly cheap beer, a dirty boot, and an ill-considered plan."

Our readers have yet again proved themselves keen, and our editorial staff cannot help but be proud.

For those disappointed not to have gained one of the coveted "Good Catch!" awards, fear not: we will be inserting additional deliberate apparent errors in the future. Stay keen!

Sonia Lyris, Short Fiction Editor

If it were I, I'd've deliberately put an error in there.  Maybe she did.  I'm not the kind of editor that looks for errors.  Congrats to John Lee and the other two unnamed awardees!

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  1. Any editor worth their salt knows better than to point out errors in the works of the Editor-in-Chief. Not, of course, that there are any! Like fine silk, any variations or irregularities are but more like poetry, which cannot be boxed in by the rigidity of grammar and speeling. Spulling. Spelling.