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Friday, July 8, 2011

To Nap, or Not to Nap...

Dear Profs H and V:

Thank you very much for your submission "Universal Rejection as an Editing Policy to Avoid the Publication Bias" to the Journal of Universal Rejection.

The piece was brilliant, a real breath of fresh air in the musty halls of the publishing world.  It is true that I had not thought about how fully our Journal helps the desperate layperson.  Of course I reject your idea of NAPs (negative-acceptance rate publications) out-of-hand.  (I do, however, fully embrace naps!  Especially since my son has decided 5:30am is a great time to wake up every day.) 

Moreover, I reject your article for publication in JofUR.  It is not due to the NAPs, which was a minor, remediable, point.  Rather the main flaw was that you graphed the number of replicable experiments vs. acceptance rate on a logarithmic scale.  Yet don't we all know only too well that log(0) is undefined! 

Yawn, g'night,
Caleb Emmons, PhD
Journal of Universal Rejection

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