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Friday, July 22, 2011

Quietly in the End

Dear K.T.,

Thank you for submitting your poem "Looking at You" to JofUR.  My response takes the form of a poem inspired by yours:

Looking At Looking At You
Short lines.  Tumbles of autumnal words.
A thin period in-between muttering lines.
One look, and then another.
Swallowing the pill of your snapshot
Scraping on the windows, a twig
I feel empty; no smile creeping
Overgrown roads leading nowhere
From one synapse to another
(Breathing through the mouth because my nose is stuffed up.)

Here in the rejection of your poem -
Tintinnabulous echoes of no-thought
Daydreams, fraught with melancholy,
Reading old JofUR submissions wearing sunglasses.
Outside I've just built a Weber barbeque,
With only a hammer, screw-driver, and block of wood.
Shiny and new, with no hint of ash
My son tried to knock it over
(It is the hard pleasure of shaping an ax-handle.)

Phrases swelter in the summer rainstorm,
Fat raindrops patter on the mossy roof
Empty nests of yesteryear's birds decay,
Rafters now home to fetal mice.
Crying in the dying day like unopened tulips
I sit in the back bedroom typing this missive
Sniffling while changing every beautiful line of your poem.
I am the supreme rejector, laughing.
(Quietly in the end I reject your piece.)

Best regards,

Caleb Emmons, PhD
Journal of Universal Rejection

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