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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Journal of Universal Rejection Store

Dearest Readership,

Who has not taken a sip of coffee from a trendy Science cup before spotting that it is super-late on a Nature clock and immediately donning super comfy pyJAMAs? So, in the long and illustrious march of prestigious Journals' merchandising, it is only natural the the Journal of Universal Rejection should join.

Herewith, and with great fanfare here, we proudly unveil The Journal of Universal Rejection Store.

Get your credit cards out.  Check Facebook for your friends' upcoming birthdays!  Stop grinding your teeth because the start of school is not far away.  With your sporty new shirt you'll keep your classmates, colleagues, coworkers, social workers and custodial staff laughing as they go.

Go to the Store (I am using the Jedi mind-trick on you).  Go often.  New designs are in the pipeline.

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