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Friday, July 15, 2011

Jenyusz Corry Spawn Dance

Sumision- y teriblul books get publishd and min dont.

Teribul book get publishd and min dont cuz the publshng industi dont no genyus when day c it. Also they stik to staus kwo and cant stand 2 hav precunsepshuns chalenged.

My srty abut a boy of 12 fallin in love with a 60yo prest is heartbraking and my mum says it is a wurk of 'stagring genyus'
Hair it is.

[Clipped by the Editor-in-Chief to avoid publishing a submission]

Da End.

If ya rezhet dis you r as dum as evryone else.



Deer cat,

where rejection ur submissn 2 JofUR becuz shuddinit red
"One day the prest killed *****hisself*****." ???????????????????

I put in the starz xtra soas u wud know witch part wuz wrong.  Their not suppose d 2 be they're wen we published ur storey, witch where not going 2 do as I sed b4.

now whose dummer?
Caleb Emmons, PhD
Journal of Universal Rejection

fanku 4 puntng out mi mispling. i prshayt da fdbck.

bt i thk rjection 4 mispelung is smul-mindud whn u fink of mportunce of mi stry.
 culdnut u just edit it? i here dats ur job.

u r da dummer 1.

ifn u tink bing editor-in-chef of so an impotent jrnl as Jofur is so EZ or that u
cud do bettor, well, ydontcha jiz start ur oan jrnl ??????

i am try hard, but wen u say i dum, well it hurtz my feelies.

p.s. is it u the dum 1.   ha ha ha!!

i iz sry 4 hutin filins. mus b vry hard 2 edit big impurtnt jurnal. bt I notiss lut of splling mistkes. Wunce u speled ' Luv' 'L-O-V-E!' so ur not so grate.

iz vry hurd not 2 haz jenyuz notissed by peepul. 2. dat rilly hurt mi flings.

But win I am ded and rilly famus n vry1 wunts 2 rid mi wurk ull rigrit not publeeshn me.

PS; NAH U R DUM 1!!!!

and i mite start mi own jurnl. 'jurnl of proper spllin an jenyusz'. One pirsun poblijed and it ME ME ME.

i oanlee writed 'love' liek dat bcuz i wuz bing fancee, dat is hough da Franch usta writed it b4 they're qurant weigh witch is 'loeuf.' u shudda noan dat if u is rilly jenyusz.

anyweigh, y doan i put are corry spawn dance on my blog, den will see whose rilly the dumdum cuz the reeders ken voat?

- cable

dat iz eccepabul.

den moar pplcn c how clevar i am.

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