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Thursday, July 28, 2011

International Transcultural Psychiatry Conference

Dear readers,

I received the following invitation:

Dear Dr. Caleb J. Emmons ,

On behalf of the organizing committee, it gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the “International Transcultural Psychiatry Conference” scheduled to be held at Ranchi Institute of Neuro-psychiatry and Allied Sciences (RINPAS), Ranchi (Jharkhand), India w.e.f. 24-25 September 2011.

We would like to welcome you to the conference as our valuable speaker and present your recent work and ideas of  Special values of Abelian L-functions at s=0 that were published in Journal of Number Theory .

RINPAS is an autonomous, post graduate mental health teaching and research institute under the Ministry of Health, F.W., M.E&R, Govt. of Jharkhand. It has 500 beds for patients with psychiatric disorders. It is a premier institute of India with multi-disciplinary approach in the field of behavioral sciences.

According to the WHO, 75% to 85% of the world population relies on local healers when in need of medical care.  At the same time, only a fraction of the world population has access to Western psychological and psychiatric services. In those countries and non-Western cultural communities, traditional healers are providing most of the needed psychological services. In order to deal with the societal changes and their influence on clients and communities we need to reflect on our clinical practices, our research agenda and maybe also on the position of mental health workers in the public debate. This conference will address issues deducted from this theme, and will discuss them in relation with mental health care in the form of a workshop. This workshop will be attended and addressed by several international delegates who are experts in their own domains in this topic. They will throw more light on the scenario of transcultural influences on psychiatry practices internationally.

The workshop will consist of both guest lectures from our renowned international experts as well as free papers from our participants.

We cordially invite you and your family members to participate in this workshop to make it a success and help us fulfill our aim of creating an international atmosphere of transcultural psychiatry.

Looking forward for confirmation of your participation,
With warm regards,
Prof.  Amool ranjan Singh Choudhury                                Prof. Suprakash
          (Chairperson)                                                                 (Secretary)
On the conference website I found the Highlights of the Scientific Program:
• Cultural variation in experiences and meaning of mental illnesses and treatment
• Traditional healer’s attitudes and beliefs in dealing psychiatric patients across cultures
• Healer and psychiatrist- a comparative analysis over various cultures
• Transcultural psychiatry- From theory to practice
• Culture bound syndromes
• Differences in  in-patient psychiatric treatment in various cultures
• Psychiatric rehabilitation across various cultures
• The role of spirituality in mental illness
• Religious experiences and psychopathology-A trans-cultural appraisal
• Dissociative disorders- A transcultural appraisal
• Spirit healing and psychosis
• Sex-related issues in different cultures
• Issues related to psychiatric and psychological tools developments over various cultures
• Cross-cultural familial adversities
• Difference in child rearing practices in different cultures in context of psychiatric disorders
• Child psychiatric disorders- Cross cultural variations in presentation, attitudes and treatments
• Acculturation
• Suicide, its causes and its variations across various cultures
• Differences in the concept and levels of psychopathology related insight in different mental disorders in different cultures
• Differences in therapeutic modules across cultures
• Stigma related issues in different cultures
• Variation in psychiatry diagnosis related practices in different cultures
• Substance related issues across various cultures
• Eating disorders and other adolescent problems in various cultures
• Ethnic variations in other psychiatric disorders: presentation, diagnosis and treatment
• Miscellaneous

I suppose that my pure-maths paper Special Values of Abelian L-functions at s=0 would fit under Miscellaneous.  So what do you think, shall I go and speak to the 500 beds, or shall I reject the invited talk?

Or do you think it's a trap?  Do they know I need transcultural psychiatry?


  1. Ask them to pay your travel first.

  2. Good idea Bob... I should ask for funding for myself and my family...

  3. I don't think it's a trap. RINPAS is just home to the most ingenious Indian mathematicians, so consider it an honor... and secure the rights to the full conference volume - a humongous rejection looms on the horizon! :)

  4. i also received an invite and have been researching the circumstances. i am a mental health professional so at least there is some direct relationship to their "cause" so to speak. i get more suspicious as i correspond with "them". now that i have read yours i honestly think it is a scam. i mean whether rinpas is home to math people to me is irrelevant to a conference on transcultural psychiatry. it looks to me like they randomly selected professionals with newly published articles. i think i am done investigating for what it is worth. good luck =-)

  5. Hi Anonymous: I think it probably is a legitimate conference, they just got a little over-zealous with the invites. It is pretty weird that they would grab authors from Journal of Number Theory, though....

  6. hello,
    i am a cardiologist and also received an inivation letter saying because of my recently published case report about a coronary anomaly!
    i belive it is trap so that you better not going :) or they may hospitalize you in same hospital where you are supposed to give a lecture :)

  7. It's a scam, at some point in the communication you'd have to register or some such thing and give them some money. The funniest thing would be if someone actually flies down there. It's a version of the Nigerian scam, instead of sending out mass emails to people saying they'll inherit millions if they provide their bank info, they've veiled it in the guise of professional conf. We get one of these every month or two at our hospital.

  8. Hello,
    I also received same invitation e-mail. At first, I thought it should be a trap as well as you...
    But now... I want to attend that conference, slightly.
    Because, it is India! It should be wonderful journey, even if the conference is not fit your scientific theme.
    oh, no, no, It should be a scam... but India...

  9. It is another trick for notorious EPS to suck money from academic. Something needs to be done to stop EPS that is located in Montreal, Canada, and operated by Yao Lu. Yao Lu and his associates search Pubmed for email address and then target all academic people. One of my friend unfortunately went to one of meetings and told me that the meeting had only about 15 speakers and 3 of Yao's girls! I think, anyone who is going to update his/her CV by saying him/her being a speaker in EPS meeting will seriously damage rather than improve his/her academic reputation.

  10. I also received the same invitation for my paper of ocular screening. It's a scam.

  11. They also sent me an invitation recently, regarding a paper that was published over 5 years ago (HIV disclosure). Was never going to go, but thought I'd do a search on them. Hey, I'll give them an "A" for trying. I have been getting a lot of these types of generic emails and other types of emails stating that they are "doctors or PhDs" needing work...

  12. I also received an invitation for a paper written in Italian, concerning occupational health in a psychiatric unit. The Conference exists (see: http://www.rinpas.nic.in/Transcultural%20final.pdf), but the program is vague. I think this is only a promotional activity.

  13. Hello. I am psychiatrist and I went to that conference for presenting my research work. It was an incredible experience not only because of the transcultural environment and their organisation, but also because of the whole experience of Indian culture. My work is a serious one and so it is theirs, I hoppe to present my work at theirs conferences in the future.