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Monday, June 13, 2011


Dear Vaclav,

Thank you for your submission "Business through the eyes of Catholic Church" to the Journal of Universal Rejection.  It has been filed away until it is "ripe" for rejecting.  You never know when that will be.

However I wanted to respond right away to the scurrilous accusation that our email account editor@universalrejection.org is "acting funny."  There are two reasons I wanted to respond to this
scurrilous accusation right away:
(1) it is
scurrilous, and
(2) I needed some blog content to post today, but am too lazy to write a rejection letter right now.

So, as to the
scurrilous accusation that our mail is "acting funny."  First let me point out that the accusation is completely scurrilous.  The fact that the email address semi-randomly will bounce emails is not a bug; it is a feature.  (And it is scurrilous of you to claim otherwise.)  Some submissions to JofUR are rejected by "Editor Email" as I call him.  Secondly let me point out that not only is the accusation scurrilous, but I find it scurrilous.  (You will have to ask a philosopher about that one.  You could ask our own resident philosopher Luca Moretti, but chances are he'd find you question scurrilous and reject you out-of-hand.)  Thirdly, ..., we I don't really have a thirdly.  And fourthly that's all I have to say. 

With s
currilous regards,
Caleb Emmons, PhD
Journal of Universal Rejection

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