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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spotlight on Associate Editor: Sonia Lyris

We are very please to welcome our first editor from the real world, Sonia Lyris.  She will be our editor for works of short fiction.

Biographical sketch for Sonia Lyris:

Sonia Lyris showed an early aptitude for rejection when Tony Lockman refused to tie her shoes in kindergarten so she asked him again. Growing up brought the usual cruel jokes and mocking laughter of school chums but somehow it wasn't enough. Only by running for school office, trying out for cheer-leading, and auditioning for roles in the high school dramatic production was she able to achieve the rejection she sought.

Years of success as a software engineer left her feeling that something was missing, so took up the pen to write fiction, gathering rejections at a prodigious rate from respected publishing houses and major magazines. She is most proud of her rejections from prestigious publications like Playboy, The New Yorker, OMNI, and -- her greatest triumph -- the Journal of Universal Rejection.

Sonia brings a unique perspective to the Journal. She believes that
her extensive rejection experience, being rejected so many times in so many ways, both personally and professionally, gives her special insight into the rejection process and an ability to fashion rejections that provide the recipient the best possible chance of getting more. Depending on a daily regime of tango dancing and Internet dating to hone her ability to take and dish out, she feels that she has finally found her calling at the Journal.

"Fear of rejection destroys the most brilliant and creative among us," she says. "If, instead of running away, we could turn and embrace this angel of darkness, we could move beyond fear and finally give not the slightest of flying figs or the smallest of damns."


  1. I loved your rejection correspondence (which you posted on Starguide :D) and only found out about this blog through that. So how exciting to see that you've received the position and are now truly famous!

  2. How fortunate for the journal to have recruited you to the editorial board. Such a devious route was taken- well played!

  3. It is an honor to serve. Indeed, it is beyond me to express just how much of a privilege serving the Journal really is.

  4. But... but... but... they accepted you!