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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Readers Reject III: The Results

Congratulations Quintopia for winning our 3rd installment of Readers Reject.  You had the good sense to respect the Editor-in-Chief (more or less).  The winning rejection follows.

Martins-Coelho et al:

Your review of rejection is too limited in scope. You rejected every paper in a single database, but there are many works worthy of analyzing in regard to systematic rejection outside of this database. The "Merriam-Webster Dictionary" is one such work. By citing this work you tacitly accepted it, and therefore I must conclude that your systematic rejection was not nearly as thorough as such a worthy study would call for. In order to improve this work and make it as thorough as it deserves, you should, as my colleague Bob O'H (ghost-writing for Frau Emmons) has pointed out, pre-reject your own submission. Please make these minor revisions and promptly fail to resubmit your paper. If you do not submit it again, I can guarantee that I will recommend to the editorial board that it not be rejected.

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