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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The One

From: Lorieri 
Subject: I'm the one

you know it

Dear Lorieri,

We reject the notion that you are the one.  So are you going to send a submission?

my submission:

Sao Paulo SP
by Lorieri PhD of Nothing

ABSTRACT: somebody shaw be the one

DISCUSSION: I, Lorieri, am the one. (And you know it).

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Since you know it, no further information is required.


Thank you for the time spent.

Best Regards,

Lorieri, the one and PhD of nothing.

Dear The One,

O great one, thank you for your submission to the Journal of Universal Rejection.  You make a convincing argument that you are the one. I feel myself being irresistibly drawn to the opinion that you are the one (see, for example, my salutation).  However, we must let you know that we cannot publish your paper.

Obediently yours,
Caleb the Cipher
Caleb Emmons, PhD
Journal of Universal Rejection
Thanks a lot ! For the patience and your time ! 

I was anxious wondering if I could have the disgrace of the approval. 

Now I am in peace.  

Best regards, 

- lorieri

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