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Friday, April 8, 2011


Cher Monsieur,

c'est vraiment chouette votre article bien mais helas, bandalli il bajda tal lemin fuq widintek tax xellug.

Veuillez agreer, cher Monsieur, l'expression de mes sentiments les plus distingues.

Maurice  Preter, MD

Editor-in-Chief's note: One always takes a chance when delegating responsibility, such as allowing Associate Editors to reject things.  I was cc'ed on this rejection by our new Associate Editor M. Preter.  I am hoping that it is indeed a rejection letter.  I can't be sure since I don't speak French.  Also there is that bit 
"il bajda tal lemin fuq widintek tax xellug" 
which is clearly not French.  Google Translate tells me it is Maltese and means 
"the old white left hand on your ear."  
I'm assuming this is Maltese for "I reject you."  ("I slap you upside the head?")  

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