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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Enigmatic Brooding Moai Statues Under Foreboding Skies

Dear Dr. F.,

Thank you for submitting your thoughtful critique of chapter 2 of Jared Diamond’s Collapse. On behalf of the Editor of the JofUR, it gives me great pleasure to reject it. 

                                                                                 Photo by Alan Guy
Although your manuscript is well written, and while the mysteries of Easter Island have long been topics of intense interest among scholars and the general public alike, I’m afraid the JofUR does not publish review articles. Come to think of it, the JofUR does not publish non-review articles, either.
You might try punching up your manuscript with a few graphs and tables. Then you could send it to Science or Nature, both of which like that sort of thing. Or maybe insert a few color photos of those enigmatic brooding moai statues under foreboding skies. Images might make your paper palatable to the editors of Discover or National Geographic, or maybe even Popular Science.
In any case, thank you again for thinking of the JofUR. Please accept my best wishes.

Karl M. Petruso
Dean of the Honors College and
Professor of Anthropology
University of Texas at Arlington
Associate Editor, Journal of Universal Rejection

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